All 39 Colleges and Universities in Gyeonggi

Are you looking for all the colleges and universities in Gyeonggi? Here, we will go over the list of private and public universities and colleges in Gyeonggi.

In our database, there are a total of 39 institutions in Gyeonggi including Ajou University, Anyang Institute of Technology, and Anyang Normal University . Out of those institutions, 7 are public and 32 are private. Some of the public institutions are Anyang Institute of Technology, Anyang Normal University, and Chonnam National University. Some examples of private universities in Gyeonggi are Ajou University, Anyang University, and Calvin University.

In these universities and colleges in Gyeonggi, the total number of students is 295,943, and the total number of international students is 16,605.

1. Ajou University

One of South Korea’s leading research universities, Ajou University, is highly acknowledged for its engineering, medical science, and business programs. This private university has gained several recognitions in the country and in Asia for its academic performance. International students in the university continuously grow as they provide many services to accommodate them.

2. Anyang Institute of Technology

Situated in the touristy site of Henan province is the Anyang Institute of Technology. It was founded in 1983 to accommodate the increasing number of students in the region. The institute is among the few elite higher education schools to train aviation students. Like most schools, one of their primary goals is to provide top-class academic quality. But as for the Anyang Institute of Technology, high-quality education and, simultaneously, instilling the Anyang culture are both prioritized. It aims to generate trustworthy and talented with entrepreneurial mindset graduates that would uplift the local economy of the province.

3. Anyang Normal University

Anyang Normal University was established in 1908 and is situated in the province of Henan. The school is focused on providing education programs for various disciplines. Some of its courses are related to arts, engineering, and business.

4. Anyang University

A private university in South Korea, Anyang University has various programs for undergraduate and graduate degrees. This university takes pride in its quality educational model as they cultivate students to be innovative and flexible in their chosen degrees.

5. Calvin University

Calvin University is one the universities in the city of Yong-in in South Korea. It is a Presbyterian-affiliated university founded in 1954. Students at the university enjoy the accessibility of the campus through top-tier public transportation, traditional and contemporary arts, and various recreational activities.

6. CHA University

One of South Korea’s respected universities that provides diverse academic programs in the field of medicine is CHA University. With advanced technology, the institution only offers high standards of teaching and research to its student body. Graduates of the school are highly employable and have successfully passed the required licensing exam in their respective fields.

7. Chonnam National University

Since its establishment in 1952, the Chonnam National University has continued to provide quality education to local and international students. This institution offers a lot of programs for various degrees. As they move forward with innovation, the university aims to be a research-oriented institution in the future.

8. Chosun University

Considered one of the oldest private educational institutions in South Korea, Chosun University has built its reputation in teaching and research. They have 14 colleges that cover a wide range of disciplines. They are highly recognized for their undergraduate and graduate programs offered to both local and foreign students.

9. Daejin University

Daejin University is a four-year private university founded in 1991 by the Protestant Foundation called Daesun Truth Society. Although it is a religious altar school, it can be said to have little religious color, but it is said that there are often activities of missionary work in other branches because of the conflict between factions within the church. The campus is so wide that buses are running around the campus. It is said that elks, pheasants, and owls are rarely found because the campus is located on a mountain.

10. Dankook University

Dankook University is among the premier institutions in South Korea. It is also known for its excellent research institutions. Dankook offers many different programs along with great facilities and services that help support its students.

11. Gachon University

Gachon University is a 4-year private university located in Incheon and was founded in 1939. There are medical, pharmaceutical, and oriental medicine universities in the metropolitan area, which can be provided in all medical fields within the university, and it is one of the universities with a high reputation and high application rate. As a characteristic of the school, there is 'Gachonje', an autumn festival, and the school has a lawn, so students can set up a tent and enjoy glamping.

12. Gwangju National University of Education

Gwangju National University of Education offers numerous programs related to education. The majority of its courses are geared towards elementary education. This institution was established in 1923 and may also be known as Kwangju National University of Education.

13. Gwangju University

Gwangju University is a top institution with different colleges offering various outstanding programs. As a global institution, Gwangju has partnered with numerous universities across the globe. Gwangju also has extracurricular activities for students, such as a music festival every October.

14. Gyeongin National University of Education

Founded in 1946, the Gyeongin National University of Education is an institution that specializes in elementary teacher training. They take pride as one of South Korea's best providers of teachers. More than that, they also have a wide range of academic departments open to both local and international students.

15. Hankyong National University

Hankyong National University (HKNU) is among the outstanding institutions in South Korea. This university is especially known for its STEM courses such as computer engineering and biotechnology. HKNU aims to give significant contributions to society by nurturing talented leaders of the future.

16. Hansei University

For more than 69 years, Hansei University continues to provide quality education to local and international students. It is a private Christian university that offers a wide range of programs. They also received many achievements for their excellent education.

17. Hanshin University

Hanshin University was established in 1940 as the Chosun Theological Seminary. As the school is old, the student council has a long history, and Hanshin University's student council has the longest history among student councils nationwide, marking the 75th anniversary as of 2021. Hanshin University's denomination is Christian, and the overall atmosphere of the school is also progressive by its very progressive foundation.

18. Hyupsung University

Hyupsung University is a small, private, Christian institution that aspires to be one of the world's leading universities. Students enjoy generous scholarships and high-quality training, facilities, and resources. It is composed of five colleges and five graduate schools.

19. Incheon Catholic University

A young Christian University, the Incheon Catholic University aims to mold students with creative and innovative skills. This university offers many programs and majors in Arts and Humanism. They cultivate these students as they foster quality learning in the field.

20. Incheon National University

Incheon National University opened as the Incheon National University of Technology in 1979, expressing its dynamic will to play a role in revitalizing and inspiring students with the slogan "University that wakes you up," and emphasizing efficient communication. Incheon National University has signed sister college agreements with 265 universities in 48 countries, including the United States, Japan, and China. Songdo Campus is a coastal region, so it is quite hot in summer, quite cold in winter, and very windy, so it is recommended to be careful.

21. Inha University

Established in 1954, Inha University is a highly recognized research university in South Korea. This institution is home to more than 20,000 students, and currently, they have a growing international student population. They offer many scholarships and awards for local and international students.

22. Joongang Sangha University

Joongang Sangha University is a private institute for tertiary education. It is situated in Gyeonggi province's vibrant city of Gunpo. Adding to this, the center of learning is known for being closely affiliated with Buddhism.

23. Kangnam University

Kangnam University is an outstanding Korean institution rooted in the values of service, creativity, and harmony. They aim to produce talented graduates through their various programs and majors. Kangnam also offers various services and facilities on-campus to ensure that students receive adequate support during their studies.

24. Korea Aerospace University

Korea Aerospace University (KAU) offers some of Korea's best engineering programs, significantly contributing to the country's aerospace industry. KAU also has excellent centers and laboratories for research.

25. Korea Polytechnic University

Korea Polytechnic University (KPU) takes pride in being a "university-industry convergence" institution. In this way, students are exposed to real-world companies and their practices while learning about important concepts and theories in the classroom.

26. Kwangju Women’s University

Kwangju Women's University is an excellent Korean institution that aims to nurture and produce talented women graduates who have a passion for serving society. The institution concentrates on practical disciplines. Different courses are offered for students through various departments such as the Department of Korean Education and the Department of Counseling & Psychology.

27. Kwangshin University

Kwangshin University, founded in 1954, is among the private institutions for higher education in Gwangju, South Korea. The university has more than 1,000 students and 150 academic staff. Its academic mission centers on providing education that puts faith into practice while cultivating global leaders.

28. Kyonggi University

Kyonggi University is built with ten colleges, covering a wide range of academic disciplines. This private university provides a good environment for its local and international students. Additionally, they have a lot of university partnerships for more learning and employment opportunities.

29. Luther University

Luther University is among the private universities in Yongin City in South Korea. It was established in 1966 in its former name, Luther Theological Academy, both as a church and an academic institution. The university has nearly 500 students and offers bachelor's and master's degree programs.

30. Myongji University

A private Christian university, Myongji University, was established in 1948. This institution is highly recognized for its engineering and science-related programs. Currently, they offer a wide range of programs in different degrees for local and international students.

31. Nambu University

Nambu University is one of the youngest higher education institutions in South Korea. Nambu University has come so far in such a short time. Since its foundation in 1998, it has grown from a small school with only 50 students to become one of the fastest-growing top research institutions in Korea and an international campus where students worldwide enjoy campus life and pursue their dreams. Nambu University boasts its academic strength with three colleges, Humanities and Social Science, Natural Science and Engineering, and Physical Education and Sport Science. It has been educating students seeking to get a degree and eventually moving on to big firms to supply the needs of educated workers needed to run a country.

32. Pyeongtaek University

Pyeongtaek University is a private university in Pyeongtaek, South Korea. Although established in 1981, its history goes further to 1912, making it one of South Korea's oldest universities. The institution offers many undergraduate and graduate programs through its four colleges and six graduate schools. It also has several international partner universities.

33. Seoul Jangsin University

One of the few institutions in South Korea that offer academic programs fully concentrating on theology, social welfare, and church music is Seoul Jangsin University.  The school’s curriculum is specifically designed and aligned with the Presbyterian Church of Korea and its beliefs. It is perfect for students who aspire to be ministers, church leaders, and pastors.

34. Seoul Theological University

Established in 1911, Seoul Theological University is an Evangelical university in South Korea. They offer a well-rounded education in various programs for undergraduate and graduate degrees. They aim to produce quality graduates with high spirituality who can serve the nation.

35. Shingyeong University

Shingyeong University is a private center of learning. Furthermore, it is located in Gyeonggi province's historically rich city of Hwaseong. It offers a variety of study programs for tertiary students and it is accredited by the Ministry of Education of Korea.

36. Sungkyul University

Sungkyul University is a Christian institution founded in 1965. This private university fosters excellence in the academic field while establishing its Christian values and culture. As they move forward, they aim to produce innovative education for local and international students.

37. Suwon Catholic University

Founded in 1984, Suwon Catholic University is a private institution of higher education in Hwaseong City, South Korea. The university was built in celebration of Pope John Paul's visit to the country in the same year, which is also the 200th anniversary of the Catholic Church's foundation in Korea. It has nearly two hundred students, providing them with intellectual and spiritual education.

38. University of Suwon

Established in 1977, The University of Suwon provides an outstanding education in various academic fields. This university strives to be one of the best private institutions in the country. As they move with the changes in society, they continue to develop their educational system to provide better learning to students.

39. Yong In University

A comprehensive private institution, Yong In University offers various programs for undergraduate and graduate degrees. They have produced more than 36,000 graduates in the field. They have a reputation in sports, culture, and arts.