All 25 Colleges and Universities in Guangxi

Are you looking for all the colleges and universities in Guangxi? Here, we will go over the list of private and public universities and colleges in Guangxi.

In our database, there are a total of 25 institutions in Guangxi including Beibu Gulf University, Beihai University of Art and Design, and Guangxi Arts University . Out of those institutions, 22 are public and 3 are private. Some of the public institutions are Beibu Gulf University, Guangxi Arts University, and Guangxi Medical University.

In these universities and colleges in Guangxi, the total number of students is 388,108, and the total number of international students is 3,780.

1. Beibu Gulf University

Beibu Gulf University constantly aims for innovative and advanced learning approaches, especially since its courses are inclined toward science, management, and engineering. The university also has a good reputation for maritime studies, making it one of the leading universities in Qinzhou. At present, Beibu Gulf University continues to cultivate a strong partnership with industrial enterprises to heighten its students' training and real-world exposure.

2. Beihai University of Art and Design

Beihai University of Art and Design bears in mind the goal of educating people from all walks of life and cultivating their talents. The school runs in the direction of artistic refinement and morality enhancement to hone not just the skills but also the critical thinking of the students. With its scenic location, Beihai University of Art and Design provides a comfortable place for learning and holistic improvement.

3. Guangxi Arts University

Guangxi Arts University's courses and programs are focused mostly on art, music, and performance. The university strives to educate students in these programs with the goal to change the world of art, music, and performance. Students can follow their artistic and musical dreams and learn to make a difference in the world.

4. Guangxi Medical University

Guangxi Medical University is one of China's oldest public medical schools, established in 1934 in Nanning City, China. It is even regarded as one of the country's best, and in 2010, it became part of China's top 20 medical schools. The university is also recognized worldwide, with its clinical medicine program becoming part of the top 1%.

5. Guangxi Normal University

Guangxi Normal University is a key public institution in Guilin, Guangxi, China. In 1932, it became one of China's first normal universities and was among the first to offer an undergraduate education program in Guangxi. The university now offers several bachelor's and graduate-level programs in law, economics, education, and other fields. It comprises three campuses: Wangcheng, Yucai, and Yanshan.

6. Guangxi Normal University for Nationalities

Guangxi Normal University for Nationalities is an institution in Chongzuo City, China. The university was established in 2009 and is ranked 920th in China by EduRank. Its city, Chongzuo, is central to and houses one of the largest groups of Zhuang people, an ethnic group. It is not surprising then that a university for nationalities and minorities has been established in the area.

7. Guangxi Science and Technology Normal University

Guangxi Science and Technology Normal University was founded in 1958. It is situated in Laibin, Guanxi province as a public university. Also known as GXSTNU, it has several facilities and services open to its students such as library, dormitories, laboratories, etc.

8. Guangxi University

Guangxi University was founded in 1928 and is said to be the oldest university in its region. It is comprised of 26 colleges and schools for specific fields, such as Civil Engineering and Architecture, Arts, Business, and more. The university has research and subjects that have ranked high globally, like biotechnology and chemical engineering.

9. Guangxi University for Nationalities

Also known as Guangxi Minzu University, this institution in Nanning has a vibrant history. It is indeed one of the critical schools in the Guangxi region as it is frequently visited by well-known professionals, politicians, and other prominent leaders from across the globe. The university supports internationalization. Its active participation and partnership with ASEAN countries have helped generate highly skilled and talented graduates.

10. Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine

The Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine is an institute of higher studies. It is based in the vibrant city of Nanning. Adding to this, it is a well-known center of learning due to the fact that it provides high-quality education to students who aspire to be the next generation of healthcare professionals.

11. Guangxi University of Finance and Economics

Guangxi University of Finance and Economics is a public institution founded in 2004. It is situated in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The school is a specialist in business-related courses, but it also offers programs in other subjects.

12. Guangxi University of Foreign Languages

Among its many undergraduate programs, Guangxi University of Foreign Languages (GUFL) also offers a number of foreign language courses such as Thai and Indonesian. In an effort to establish global education for its students, GUFL has cooperative universities across the world. GUFL also instills a spirit of volunteerism within the members of its community, with faculty and students alike participating and volunteering for many national and international activities.

13. Guangxi University of Science and Technology

Guangxi University of Science and Technology is situated in Guangxi, China. This university offers superior and top-notched academic programs in engineering, foreign language, humanities, Marxism, and sciences. The university boasts of its outstanding advanced facilities, top-quality training centers, and laboratories, all strategically placed in the vibrant and progressive city of Liuzhou.

14. Guilin Medical University

Guilin Medical University is a public institution established in 1935. The university is part of the pilot batch of a government initiative: Education Plan for Future Outstanding Doctors. Quite recently, it was granted the authority to confer doctorate degrees. Three campuses (Lequn, Dongcheng, Lingui) comprise the university, and through them, several medical-related programs are being offered.

15. Guilin Tourism University

The Guilin Tourism University is one of the public institutions for higher education in Guangxi Province, China. It was founded in 1985 through its predecessor, the Guilin Institute of Tourism. The university currently has more than 11,900 total enrollment, with around 200 international students.

16. Guilin University of Aerospace Technology

The Guilin University of Aerospace Technology is a public institution in Guangxi, China. It specializes in engineering and technology but offers programs in other disciplines like law, business, and arts. Previously run by the Aerospace Ministry of China, around ten units comprise the university.

17. Guilin University of Electronic Technology

Founded in 1960, Guilin University of Electronic Technology is a public university with four campuses located in the scenic city of Guilin. The institution offers first-rate courses from a wide array of academic disciplines. Its engineering and computer science programs are among the highly ranked courses in China and globally. In addition, the university continues to provide top-quality higher education by constantly improving and creating advanced study programs.

18. Guilin University of Technology

The Guilin University of Technology was established in 1956. They offer programs in different disciplines such as science, agriculture, engineering, management, and languages, among others. The Guilin University of Technology has campuses in Nanning and Yanshan.

19. Hechi University

Hechi University was founded in 1951, and officially became a university in 2003. Also known as HCU, Hechi University has two campuses, namely east and west. HCU offers programs for law, engineering, arts, and sciences, among others, and focuses on scientific research for the respective fields.

20. Hezhou University

Hezhou University is a public institution in Guangxi, China. It was established in 1943 in Hezhou City. The university is ranked 774th in China by EduRank.

21. Nanning Normal University

Nanning Normal University is a provincial institution comprising four campuses: Wuhe, Wuming, Mingxiu, and Changgang. The university's history reflects a background in teaching education, especially since its ultimate predecessor is the Guangxi Secondary School for Teachers' Training. However, current programs in the university extend beyond teaching and education, as they include the sciences, humanities, engineering, economics, etc.

22. Nanning University

Nanning University is a private academic institution in Guangxi Province, China. Founded in 1985, the university is among the first applied technology universities in the country. At present, it has more than 14,000 students across its undergraduate programs in Arts, Economics, Engineering, and Management.

23. Wuzhou University

Wuzhou University is a public institution in Guangxi, China. It is ranked 782nd in China by EduRank. Guangxi was previously a province but is now regarded as an autonomous region that borders Vietnam.

24. Yulin Normal University

Yulin Normal University, founded in 1945, is a public university in Guangxi Province, China. Initially called the Guangxi Yulin Normal School, it has acquired approval from the Ministry of Education to merge with Yulin Teachers College and several colleges in the area. Around 18,800 students, with more than 5% international students, are currently studying at the university.

25. Yulin University

Yulin University takes pride in its state-of-the-art laboratories and teaching facilities. Since it was established, the university has aimed to train students and urge them to contribute to the local community. The university seeks to equip students with the appropriate skills and knowledge to help them become qualified professionals in the future.