All 7 Colleges and Universities in Chiba

Are you looking for all the colleges and universities in Chiba? Here, we will go over the list of private and public universities and colleges in Chiba.

In our database, there are a total of 7 institutions in Chiba including Chiba Keizai University, Keiai University, and Shukutoku University . Out of those institutions, 1 are public and 6 are private. Some examples of private universities in Chiba are Chiba Keizai University, Keiai University, and Shukutoku University.

In these universities and colleges in Chiba, the total number of students is 23,627, and the total number of international students is 1,395.

1. Chiba Keizai University

The Chiba Keizai University was founded in 1988 in Chiba, Japan. This university specializes in the fields of economics and business administration. This university follows the slogan "Common Sense and Creativity," which means that education is not only for memorizing materials but also for making critical and logical thinking and using your creativity in order to solve problems.

2. Keiai University

Keiai University was founded over a century ago to educate professionals who are empathic and are able to maintain the traditional spiritual values of the institution. It is located in Chiba, a highly technological city famous for its monorail, and near one of the most important ports of Japan, which makes it the perfect place for gaining work experience while studying. It offers degrees in fields like economics, management, education, and international studies.

3. Shukutoku University

Shukutoku University puts welfare at the center of its education, which follows a three-dimensional approach that consists of primarily teaching practical skills, establishing a good relationship with the community, and having high-quality management of the university. The university is divided into 8 colleges and graduate schools that offer about 15 degree programs. Its four campuses also have other facilities like the International Social Work Research Institute.

4. Tokyo University of Information Sciences

Tokyo University of Information Sciences (TUIS) is a private institution located in the vibrant city of Chiba. The university is currently offering comprehensive programs in informatics and nursing. These two faculties are specifically chosen as it is assumed to be among the significant career-oriented programs that would greatly contribute to improving the environment and society’s welfare in the future. Moreover, TUIS aims to generate future leaders and professionals who are capable of helping resolve global issues and challenges.

5. Kaichi International University

Kaichi International University was founded in 1904 and is located in Chiba, Japan. It offers different courses in Education, International Liberal Studies, and Japanese Culture. Students are provided with different services such as career consultations, harassment prevention measures, student counseling, and student health management. Additionally, international students may study in this school through direct admission or exchange programs.

6. Kanda University of International Studies

Kanda University of International Studies was founded in 1987 and is located in Chiba, Japan. The university is divided into its undergraduate school and graduate school, offering Bachelor's and Master's programs. These programs include Asian Language, English, Japanese Language, and International Communication. As of 2022, there are 4236 total enrolled students.

7. Chiba University

Chiba University is a public institution determined to train students who will meet the needs of society while sharing their knowledge and innovating in their fields. It offers a wide variety of degree programs at its over 20 schools and faculties. This includes multiple master's degree programs that are fully taught in English and have been adapted to international students. Chiba University also has a very active student body with almost 200 student organizations, multiple committees, and activities, like the language exchange tutoring initiative.