All 21 Colleges and Universities in Chengdu, Sichuan

Are you looking for all the colleges and universities in Chengdu? Here, we will go over the list of private and public universities and colleges in Chengdu, Sichuan.

In our database, there are a total of 21 institutions in Chengdu including Southwest Jiaotong University, Sichuan Film and Television University, and Chengdu Neusoft University. Out of those institutions, 18 are public and 3 are private. Some of the public institutions are Southwest Jiaotong University, Sichuan Tourism University, and Chengdu Technological University.

1. Southwest Jiaotong University

Home to more than 40,000 students, Southwest Jiaotong University is highly recognized for its engineering programs. Since its establishment in 1896, they have produced more than 300,000 graduates in the field. As they continue moving forward, they aim to provide quality and innovative engineering education to local and international students at all levels.

2. Sichuan Film and Television University

For all aspiring directors or actors, Sichuan Film and Television University is the perfect place for you to gather experience. The university has an adequate connection with various entertainment industry firms, giving its students many career opportunities. It has high standards regarding media-related programs and ensures that all graduates have the necessary skills to stand out in their chosen field.

3. Chengdu Neusoft University

Chengdu Neusoft University is a private academic institution for undergraduate studies in Sichuan Province, China. It was established in 2003 through the funding of Neusoft Holdings and the approval of the Sichuan Provincial People's Government. The university has more than 16000 students across its degree programs in Arts, Engineering, Medicine, Management, and Literature.

4. Sichuan Tourism University

Sichuan Tourism University is a specialized public institution in Chengdu City, China. Undergraduate programs related to tourism are primarily offered, and the university's location and campus are even optimized for tourism. One of its schools, the Hilton School of Hospitality Management, is formed through cooperation with the Hilton Hotels Corp. Sichuan Tourism University is ranked 839th in China by EduRank.

5. Chengdu Technological University

Chengdu Technological University’s history can be traced back to 1913. The institution was renamed numerous times before officially using its current name in 2012. It began its operation as a vocational school which has then grown to a full-time undergraduate university offering diverse multidisciplinary programs. As a technological university, it has always prioritized providing exemplary education in the field of engineering. It has further expanded to offer well-structured and comprehensive interdisciplinary programs in other academic disciplines such as humanities, arts, foreign languages, and computer science.

6. Chengdu Normal University

Chengdu Normal University is a public institution for undergraduate students in Sichuan province, China. It started as the Sichuan Education Administration University in 1955 and earned its present name and status in 2012. More than 30 programs from 10 disciplines are available at Chengdu Normal. Three campuses comprise the university: Wenjiang, Renmin South Road, and Baiguolin.

7. Chengdu Sport University

Chengdu Sport University is focused on their students and providing them the best education possible. The university is focused on sports, dance, music, and some medicine, like massage, acupuncture, and physical education. The university strives to make a difference and does so by educating their students in the field of their dreams so they in turn can change the world.

8. Chengdu University of Information Technology

With over 22,000 students, Chengdu University of Information Technology, strives to focus on their students and their education. Their goal is to provide an education for their students that will help them become rounded individuals prepared to take on any challenge. Their mission is for their students to receive an education that they can use to help their communities and their countries.

9. Chengdu Medical College

Chengdu Medical College is a specialized provincial institution in the capital of Sichuan province. Two campuses comprise the institution: Tianhui and Xindu. It is part of several government initiatives, such as the 100 Schools Project. Several of its programs are considered first-class. Three hospitals are affiliated with the college.

10. Sichuan University of Media and Communications

Sichuan University of Media and Communications (SUMC) is a private institution in Chengdu City, China. The university, established in 1997, began as the College of Radio, Film, and Television of Chengdu University of Technology. Three campuses comprise the institution: Chengdu City, Pujiang County, and Langzhong City. More than 40 majors are being offered at SUMC.

11. Chengdu College of Arts and Sciences

Chengdu College of Arts and Sciences, upon the approval of the Ministry of Education in China, was established in 1999. It is an undergraduate academic institution, providing education to around 30,000 students. The college offers programs in Literature, Economics, Science, and Law through its two campuses.

12. Southwest University for Nationalities

Southwest University for Nationalities, known as SWUN, was founded in 1950. SWUN has three campuses: the main campus is in Wuhou District, one in Shuangliu county, and the third one is in Taipingyuan. SWUN offers various programs in different areas of disciplines like languages, arts, literature, management, and sciences, among others.

13. Chengdu University of Technology

The Chengdu University of Technology was founded in 1956, coming from its predecessor the Chengdu Institute of Geology. It was renamed the Chengdu University of Technology in 1993, becoming a state key university. The Chengdu University of Technology, or CDUT, specializes in majors such as Geology, Geography, Geophysics, and Meteorology, among others.

14. Xihua University

Xihua University is a public center of learning for students at the tertiary level. It is located in the charming city of Chengdu. Adding to this, it currently offers over 130 degree programs spread out across its 22 schools and colleges.

15. Sichuan Conservatory of Music

Sichuan Conservatory of Music, located in Chengdu, China, was founded in 1939. Through its campuses in Wuhou and Xindu, it offers education to over 16,000 students. Besides music and dance, the institution is known for art theory, film and television, and art design courses.

16. Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (CDUTCM) is a public university. It is situated in Sichuan province's modern city of Chengdu. Moreover, as CDUTCM began welcoming students over 60 years ago, it is currently known as one of the oldest centers of learning that specializes in teaching traditional Chinese medicine.

17. Sichuan Normal University

The City of Chengdu is the home to Sichuan Normal University. The institution is the oldest of its type and the largest in the province. Thousands of students are accepted annually, either full-time or graduate. The university comprises four campuses: Main, Shizishan, Chenglong, and East.

18. Chengdu University

Chengdu University is a public institution in Chengdu, China. The university offers several undergraduate programs in ten academic disciplines. It also has a limited number of master's degree courses available. Some of its engineering courses have been accredited by the national engineering education accreditation.

19. Sichuan University

Sichuan University is a research-focused institute for tertiary studies. It is situated in the historically rich city of Chengdu. Founded in 1896, it is now one of China's leading universities.

20. Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

Southwestern University of Finance and Economics is a prestigious public university known for its programs in business, finance, and economics. It operates across two campuses equipped with modern classrooms and libraries that facilitate learning. The university also boasts an excellent faculty, made up of top economists, business experts, and renowned scholars.

21. University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

The University of Electronic Science and Technology of China is a public institution in Chengdu City. The university houses the country's national electronic industry and was formed through the merging of electronic divisions of three universities. It is part of Project 211, Project 985, and Double First-Class Universities.