All 10 Colleges and Universities in Cebu

Are you looking for all the colleges and universities in Cebu? Here, we will go over the list of private and public universities and colleges in Cebu.

In our database, there are a total of 10 institutions in Cebu including Velez College, Cebu Technological University, and Cebu Normal University . Out of those institutions, 3 are public and 7 are private. Some examples of private universities in Cebu are Velez College, Southwestern University PHINMA, and University of San Jose-Recoletos.

In these universities and colleges in Cebu, the total number of students is 209,405, and the total number of international students is 406.

1. Velez College

Velez College started with its School of Nursing in 1952 and only received government recognition 3 years after. The private university offers Bachelor's degree programs in Nursing, Medical Technology, Physical Therapy, and Occupational Therapy, Arts and Sciences. Its education is guided by its vision and mission of competence and integrity.

2. Cebu Technological University

The Cebu Technological University is a highly advanced technological university located in Cebu City in the Philippines. This university is one of the oldest in the area and was established in 1911, and through the years it has gained a huge educational and managerial background. The aim of this university is to develop even more and become one of the best universities in the country.

3. Cebu Normal University

Cebu Normal University (CNU) is a public research university in Cebu, Philippines. It was founded in 1902 and is now recognized as a Center of Excellence in Nursing Education and Teacher Education. CNU provides basic and primary education up to high school, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs.

4. Southwestern University PHINMA

Southwestern University PHINMA is open for admission to Junior High School, Senior High School, Undergraduate, and Graduate students. Undergraduate programs cover multiple disciplines such as health sciences, arts, engineering, and management. Graduate programs cover a smaller range of disciplines which are health, management, and law. Aspiring applicants may take on their virtual tour for information gathering, or contact specific hotlines of the university.

5. University of San Jose-Recoletos

The University of San Jose-Recoletos is a private university in Cebu City. It provides studies at the levels of undergraduate,postgraduate, and doctoral studies. This university is focused on raising the educational level of the region and empowering the youth so that they can be globally competitive in their careers. The main aim for this university is to provide excellent, cheap education that is equal and fair to every student.

6. University of Southern Philippines Foundation

University of Southern Philippines Foundation is proud of its wide range of program offerings, competent educators, and complete facilities. These factors enable the university to offer quality instruction that develops the skills and values of its students. It is one of the leading educational institutions in the region and has been a reliable source of intelligent and wise graduates.

7. Cebu Institute of Medicine

Cebu Institute of Medicine (CIM) is a private medical institution offering programs leading to a degree in doctor of medicine (M.D.). Aside from its exceptional academic programs, the institute also provides outstanding and advanced training to all its students. It has several affiliations with leading hospitals and training centers in Cebu province. Since its inception in 1957, CIM has cultivated countless medical and healthcare professionals who are now living their ideal lives and careers.

8. University of the Visayas

The University of the Visayas is an internationally recognized institution that has demonstrated academic excellence since it started its operations in 1919. It is known for providing outstanding education to its local region. Students admitted to the university are equipped with the fundamental knowledge, right traits, and skills necessary for their future careers. It is also committed to training students to become global citizens who will contribute to the local community and lead in resolving global issues and international affairs.

9. University of San Carlos

The University of San Carlos is a private Catholic university that has a very long and traditional educational history. This university was established in 1783 and it is recognized as one of the oldest educational institutions in Cebu City, Philippines. The program offerings are diverse, encompassing the arts, social sciences, and technology.

10. University of Cebu

Established in 1964, the University of Cebu provides top-class education at relatively affordable costs. Since its inception, it has generated countless individuals who have successfully achieved their educational goals throughout their stay at the university. Moreover, the institute commits to providing the highest standards of teaching and research and continues to enhance its educational system and develop more comprehensive and career-oriented programs.