All 7 Colleges and Universities in Ahmedabad

Are you looking for all the colleges and universities in Ahmedabad? Here, we will go over the list of private and public universities and colleges in Ahmedabad.

In our database, there are a total of 7 institutions in Ahmedabad including Gujarat Technological University, Gujarat Vidyapith, and Nirma University . Out of those institutions, 4 are public and 3 are private. Some of the public institutions are Gujarat Technological University, Gujarat Vidyapith, and National Institute of Design.

In these universities and colleges in Ahmedabad, the total number of students is 242,099.

1. Gujarat Technological University

Gujarat Technological University is a state-funded institution that offers programs in science, technology, and humanities. Founded only in 2007, the university has received numerous recognitions for its innovative programs and research contributions. The university strives to facilitate a stimulating learning atmosphere for its students by encouraging open inquiries and discussions. This allows them to gain a deeper understanding of the world and come up with new and creative ideas. 

2. Gujarat Vidyapith

Established in 1920, Gujarat Vidyapith is a national university founded by Mahatma Gandhi. During its early years, the institute thrived on providing the best education to its students. It upgraded and developed more advanced curricula, eventually gaining deemed university status in 1963. Today, the university offers various academic disciplines at the undergraduate and graduate levels. It also awards professional certifications and postgraduate diplomas.

3. Nirma University

The Nirma University was founded in 2003 in Ahmedabad, India. It takes pride in providing multidisciplinary and student-centric programs in several study areas. The university is particularly known for its programs in law, management, and biotechnology. Nirma University welcomes over 9,000 students and maintains this medium-sized population for a good student-teacher ratio.

4. National Institute of Design

The National Institute of Design is a publicly-funded institution that provides cutting-edge education, applied research, and training in different areas of design. The university envisions a society that promotes creative expression and views design as one of the key ingredients in solving various problems. It also provides design-related services to different organizations for students to develop professional skills. 

5. Gujarat University

Founded in 1949, Gujarat University is a public higher institution that has generated countless professionals and experts from various industry sectors. It fully offers postgraduate and doctoral programs, while it is considered an affiliating university at the bachelor’s level, partnering with other renowned schools to provide the best undergraduate study programs. The university is in constant pursuit of providing academic excellence to its students. It continues to develop and improve as it aims to be among the top Indian institutions that educate individuals who will significantly contribute to the development of society.

6. CEPT University

CEPT University puts heavy emphasis on managing, planning, and designing human habits. Its academic programs are built to develop thoughtful and wise professionals that have a deep understanding of human settlements. The university intends to participate in multiple research projects to enrich the lives of people living around the globe.

7. Ahmedabad University

Established by the Ahmedabad Education Society, Ahmedabad University is one of India's young institutions that focuses on delivering liberal education. Aside from these art-related programs, they also offer various programs in different academic fields, such as business, technology, and science. As they move forward with the future, they aim to move forward with their mission of being a highly recognized university in the country and globally.