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IELTS Writing Samples

IELTS Writing Samples

IELTS Writing Samples

IELTS Writing Samples


The data provides information on average temperatures and annual hours of sunshine in London, New York and Sydney.

The temperature patterns for London and New York are similar, although New York has warmer summers and colder winters. In both the cities, peaks occur in July/August,at 23′ in London and 29′ in New York. In contrast, Sydney’s hottest weather is in December/January when temperature average 25′. During this period, New York’s temperature dip to an average of around  5′ , compared with 8′ in London. On the other hand. Sydney’s lowest average temperatures in July over 15′.

As far as hours of sunshine are concerned , New York and Sydney have similar averages of 2,535 and 2,473 hours respectively . London, however, has a much lower average of 1,180 hours.

Clearly, London is the coldest city and has the fewest hours of sunshine. New York has the hottest summers, but Sydney enjoys the warmest overall climate.

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IELTS Writing Samples


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