(Last Updated On: March 25, 2018)


No. 15-1/2018-ES.4

Government of India

Ministry of Human Resource Development

Department of Higher Education




Last Date for receiving online application in the Ministry of Human Resource Development for NEW ZEALAND COMMONWEALTH SCHOLARSHIPS 2018 : 10th April, 2018


Ministry of Human Resource Development invites applications from Indian Nationals

residing in India for the above-mentioned Commonwealth Scholarship for Masters/ PhD level

Study in New Zealand.

Applicants can apply online at


Apart from applying online at, the applicant

must download and complete prescribed New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarship

application form.


The application form can be downloaded from:

Commonwealth-Final.pdf .


The prescribed New Zealand Scholarship application form, complete in all respects,

along with the supporting documents must be submitted to the Ministry of Human Resource

Development at the time of interview.


Applicants are advised not to send applications to New Zealand Government directly.

Number of nominations to be sent: Two (2) Level of Course:


  • Master’s (1-2 years)

Note: Master Degree programs which are less than 2 years in duration of foreign

universities have not been accorded equivalence by Association of Indian Universities (AIU).

AIU does not issue Equivalence Certificate in such cases.


  • Ph.D. (up to 3.5 years)

Note: Applicants for PhD is required to get a letter of support from supervisor for

their proposed PhD. The letter of support is to be submitted at the time of interview which

would be conducted by the Ministry of Human Resource Development after March 2018.

Further, on receipt of scholarship award, the candidates are also required to produce formal

offer of place from their chosen institution.




  1. Agriculture Development
  2. Renewable Energy
  3. Public/private sector management
  4. Disaster risk management
  5. Education


For applying to Ministry of Human Resource Development (Nominating Agency).


Qualification: Applicants should have completed Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s

Degree in the subject or allied fields with minimum 65% marks for Master’s or Ph.D.


Age: Applicants must be under 39 years of age as on 10.04.2018.

 Candidates who have already been abroad for study/training/specialization either on

scholarship or on their own for a period exceeding six months are eligible to apply

only if they have been in India for at least two consecutive years after returning from

abroad as on 10.04.2018.

 Applications from the candidates who are abroad will not be considered.


The documents to be uploaded at the time of applying online at of NEW ZEALAND COMMONWEALTH SCHOLARSHIPS 2018 application


(a) Self attested scanned copy of the mark-sheet of degrees, diploma, qualifying


(b) Where grades are mentioned, the candidate must upload the official explanation

adopted by the University/Institution.

(c) Self attested copy of date of birth certificate/ class 10th certificate bearing date of

birth or other equivalent documents.


(Note: The size must be under 530 kb for a single file. Applicant can zip in case of

more than one document to be uploaded. A zip file is treated as a single file and it

must be under 530 kb in size.)


Financial support in NEW ZEALAND COMMONWEALTH SCHOLARSHIPS 2018 includes.


a) full tuition fees

b) a fortnightly living allowance – this is a contribution to basic living expenses

c) an establishment allowance – this is a once only payment as a contribution towards

accommodation expenses, text books, study materials

d) medical and travel insurance

e) travel to and from scholar’s home country – this is for travel from scholar’s home

country at the start of the scholarship, and for return to scholar’s home country at

the end of your scholarship. Note that the scholarships is offered for the shortest

amount of time needed to complete the academic programme.

f) home leave or reunion travel for some scholars

g) assistance with research and thesis costs for many postgraduate research students

Note: The Government of India do not provide any financial support to the scholar.


Details of scholarship


The details for New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships 2018 is available at

following web address.


Apart from general eligibility criteria available at above mentioned website-

Applicant must:


a) be an Indian citizen (Indian citizens living abroad are not eligible).

b) not hold another scholarship during the period of the New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarship.

c) give an undertaking that after completion of their study they will return to India in

order to contribute to country’s social/economic development for a minimum period of

two years.

d) not currently serving in the military.

e) fulfil all the conditions as prescribed by the Government of New Zealand.


Selection Criteria for New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarship:


The assessment criteria for selection of the suitable candidates would be based on:


Academic Merit:


a) Examination results

b) Academic transcripts

c) Referees’ report

d) Any academic prizes

e) Other relevant activities

f) Publications, where appropriate.


Development Impact to the home country:


a) The extent to which the candidate illustrates that the proposed study will

increase knowledge about development/solutions to poverty reduction

(including, amongst other themes, public health, education, governance,

political, social and economic development and environment).

b) Relevance and extent to which the Plan of Study fits well with the strengths

and career aspirations of the candidates.


Quality of Study Plans:

For Master’s Applications

a) Extent to which the proposed course/institution of study has been well

researched (including specific options and dissertation topics, where

appropriate) and presented

b) Clarity of presentation

For PhD Applications

a) Extent to which the study programme has been well researched and thought

out, including the identification of appropriate institution and supervisor.

b) Degree of innovation

c) Likely impact

d) Clarity of presentation

e) Relevance to field

f) Feasibility


Requirement of English language proficiency:

a) The candidates must have completed tertiary education in English medium. An

official statement from the education provider is required.

b) The Candidates whose native language is not English are required to produce the

evidence of required competency in English to study in New Zealand.

c) As a condition of offering a place, the host institution in New Zealand may require a

candidate to take particular English test in English.

d) The Ministry of Human Resource Development does not ask applicant to provide an

English Language Proficiency certificate.



  1. Applicants must make an early application to a New Zealand University. A

Commonwealth Scholarship cannot be confirmed without the evidence of an offer

from a New Zealand University by the applicant. (Scholarships may be held at one of

the eight universities in New Zealand. Details may be seen at


  1. Applicant for Master’s and Doctoral research must give outline and summary of

his/her proposed research topic and objectives (max. 250 words).

  1. Three references on official letterhead supporting applicant’s scholarship application

to study in New Zealand to be submitted at the time of interview. References should

be provided from your current employer and a former lecturer, and where possible, a

relevant government or community-based organization.

  1. Applications in subject fields other than those specified above will not be considered.
  2. Those who have already completed Ph.D. in India or abroad need not apply.
  3. Candidates who do not possess the requisite qualifications need not apply.
  4. Candidates should have adequate knowledge of geographical situation, cultural

heritage of India and the donor country.

  1. Experience has to be supported by documentary evidence.
  2. Applicants are required to be of sound health and awards are subject to successful

candidates’ satisfying a prescribed medical examination by donor country.

  1. Employed candidates must obtain ‘No Objection Certificate’ from their employer. In

case of Government servant, cadre clearance is must.

  1. Mere fulfilment of requirements as laid down in the advertisement does not qualify a

candidate for Scholarship.

  1. Canvassing in any form will be a disqualification.


  1. The applicant in employment (to which he/she wishes to return) should have an assurance from his employer that he/she will be granted sufficient leave if he/she is awarded this scholarship during study period in New Zealand.
  1. All information regarding the date of interview of short listed applicants will be made available on MHRD’s website
  1. All communication to short listed applicants will be made on their registered email address. It is advised that working email should be provided.