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(Last Updated On: July 13, 2017)

Free Tuition Universities

Free Tuition Universities

Free Tuition Universities

Apply UIT The Arctic University of Norway

Please apply as a regular applicant through the admission office (Opptak og søking). You can use Norwegian to communicate with the Local Admission Office by sending an email to

Students are required to pay a semester fee of NOK 550  per semester to The Arctic Student Welfare Organisation. The payment of this semester fee will allow you to register for classes, sit examinations, access student counselling, gain membership in student organisations and receive a student card. The latter entitles you to reduced fares on public transport and reduced ticket prices to various cultural events, etc.


UiT The Arctic University of Norway does not have any scholarships to offer to cover your living expenses in Norway unless you already have one before your arrival or under certain exchange schemes in collaboration with your home university.

The Quota Scheme scholarships has been phased out. There will be no further admissions under this scheme.

Arctic University of Norway


The Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund estimates that the average expenditure for students is NOK 100, 920 per academic year (10 months) or NOK  50,460 per semester (5 months). The following is a modest budget for one semester, for an average student (under 30). Please note that personal expenses such as clothing, health care expenses, leisure activities and initial expenses such as bedding and kitchen supplies (see above) are not included. All figures are stated in Norwegian kroner (NOK).
Housing (incl. first semester deposit) 18,000
Food 15,500
Books/academic supplies   6,000
Transportation (under 30, above + approx. 40%)*   2,100
Other expenses and costs of living (medical expenses etc.)   10,375
Total (5 months) 51,975           

* Transportation costs are lower for Campus Alta since the campus is situated in the very centre of town.


Free Tuition Universities

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