Best Book for GRE

(Last Updated On: April 2, 2018)

Best Book for GRE


Best Book for GRE

I suggest all my students to practice from

Official GRE by ETS

Why ?

Because ETS is the same organization that conduct GRE and TOEFL Examination

This book like giving question papers to student before Exam.


Best Book for GRE

Best Book for GRE

GRE is a necessary test for admission to any graduate course in the US and basically tests a person’s verbal and quantitative reasoning skills. Apart from providing the students with sample questions and test papers to prepare for the examination, this book also provides necessary tips on how should a person write answers to the various types of questions asked.

Present in this guide are detailed outlines about the two major portions of the examination: verbal and quantitative reasoning. Apart from this, there are four comprehensive tests, two of which are available right in the book while the other two form a part of the attached CD.

Another important portion of the examination is the essay-writing part. It comprises of analytical essays as well. Hence, a separate portion has been dedicated to this part with examples of essays that have been scored by actual examiners. This allows the student to have a look at not only the types of essays and the writing style, but also at the marks-distribution pattern. There are also separate feedback sections given by the examiners of GRE.

This is a book that provides a complete and thorough overview of the examinations with separate guidelines and test papers for the better effect. There is also a separate portion for mathematics. Referred by many GRE aspirants, this is an all-comprehensive guidebook right from the house of ETS that provides a wholesome study material to the students.

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