Best book for Engineering Mathematics for GATE 2018

(Last Updated On: December 18, 2017)

Best book for Engineering Mathematics for GATE 2018

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Best book for Engineering Mathematics for GATE 2018


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Best book for Engineering Mathematics for GATE 2018


Engineering Mathematics – ESE, GATE, PSUs 2018

Engineering Mathematics is central to ESE, GATE and PSUs exam, as well as technical papers of ECE and EE branches. IES Master Engineering Mathematics gives you the most detailed solutions from last 25 years of GATE and ESE exams. 289 topics under 31 chapters in 8 units, it is the only book that has complete theory on ESE and GATE pattern. The book is designed and structured to help you save time while revising.

In addition to this, the book comes packed with sufficient number of solved examples after each topic. This not only helps in concept building but also eases the process of learning. The book includes 672 such solved examples.

GATE 2018: Engineering Mathematics

The new edition of Engineering Mathematics for GATE 2018 and ESE : 2018 (Prelims) has been fully revised, updated and edited. The whole book has been divided into topic wise sections with both Theory and Previous Year Solved Question Papers all subjects.


GATE ESE 2018 Engineering mathematics

ECE,EEE,INST,MECH,CE,PI, 25 years of Previous GATE Questions with Solutions, Subjectwise & Chapterwise (Engineering Mathematics)


Gate Guide Mathematics 2018

GKP’s GATE Mathematics has become one of the most popular books for GATE prep since its inception in 1994. The current edition is thoroughly updated and revised as per the syllabus prescribed by GATE conducting body IIT, Roorkee in 2017.
In order to help the students thoroughly equip them for the exam, this book provides 24×7 access to premium content through an android app and a web portal.


GATE Engineering Mathematics for All Streams

The present GATE tutor for GATE Engineering Mathematics for all streams like Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, Computer Science and IT, etc. has been divided into nine chapters namely Numerical Ability, Calculus, Complex Variables, Vector Calculus, Ordinary Differential Equations, Ordinary Differential Equations, Laplace Transform, Probability and Statistics and Numerical Methods.

The chapters cover unit wise and topic wise collection of theory and question answers. The whole coverage of the syllabi in the book has been kept identical to the format of the exam including relevant study material and variety of questions with their complete solutions. Each chapter in the book contains ample number of previous years’ solved problems which have been designed on the lines of questions asked in previous years’ GATE Engineering Mathematics.


Syllabus Engineering Mathematics GATE 2018

Section 1: Linear Algebra

Algebra of matrices; Inverse and rank of a matrix; System of linear equations; Symmetric, skew-symmetric and orthogonal matrices; Determinants; Eigenvalues and eigenvectors; Diagonalisation of matrices; Cayley-Hamilton Theorem.

Section 2: Calculus

Functions of single variable: Limit, continuity and differentiability; Mean value theorems; Indeterminate forms and L’Hospital’s rule; Maxima and minima; Taylor’s theorem; Fundamental theorem and mean value-theorems of integral calculus; Evaluation of definite and improper integrals; Applications of definite integrals to evaluate areas and volumes.
Functions of two variables: Limit, continuity and partial derivatives; Directional derivative; Total derivative; Tangent plane and normal line; Maxima, minima and saddle points; Method of Lagrange multipliers; Double and triple integrals, and their applications.
Sequence and series: Convergence of sequence and series; Tests for convergence; Power series; Taylor’s series; Fourier Series; Half range sine and cosine series.

Section 3: Vector Calculus

Gradient, divergence and curl; Line and surface integrals; Green’s theorem, Stokes theorem and Gauss divergence theorem (without proofs).

Best book for Engineering Mathematics for GATE 2018

Section 4: Complex variables

Analytic functions; Cauchy-Riemann equations; Line integral, Cauchy’s integral theorem and integral formula (without proof); Taylor’s series and Laurent series; Residue theorem (without proof) and its applications.

Section 5: Ordinary Differential Equations

First order equations (linear and nonlinear); Higher order linear differential equations with constant coefficients; Second order linear differential equations with variable coefficients; Method of variation of parameters; Cauchy-Euler equation; Power series solutions; Legendre polynomials, Bessel functions of the first kind and their properties.

Section 6: Partial Differential Equations

Classification of second order linear partial differential equations; Method of separation of variables; Laplace equation; Solutions of one dimensional heat and wave equations.

Section 7: Probability and Statistics

Axioms of probability; Conditional probability; Bayes’ Theorem; Discrete and continuous random variables: Binomial, Poisson and normal distributions; Correlation and linear regression.

Section 8: Numerical Methods

Solution of systems of linear equations using LU decomposition, Gauss elimination and Gauss-Seidel methods; Lagrange and Newton’s interpolations, Solution of polynomial and transcendental equations by Newton-Raphson method; Numerical integration by trapezoidal rule, Simpson’s rule and Gaussian quadrature rule; Numerical solutions of first order differential equations by Euler’s method and 4th order Runge-Kutta method.

Best book for Engineering Mathematics for GATE 2018