How should I begin preparation for GRE exam?

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How should I begin preparation for GRE exam?

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The Official Guide is the test-makers’ own guide to the GRE exam. Now updated and expanded, this book is the most authoritative guide to all of the test features and question types.
It is also packed with authentic GRE questions and answers, with two actual GRE tests in the book and two more on the recently-revised PowerPrep site. This book contains hundreds of genuine questions that could actually appear in the exam.
The Official Guide to the GRE General Test
This guide also provides a detailed outline about the sections in the GRE such as Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning. With essay writing exercises being an important part of the GRE, this book provides details about both the types of questions asked in the section, Analytical Writing.
The book gives a general overview on the revised GRE pattern. It lists strategies for students to achieve high scores in the test, enabling them to opt for a degree of their choice.The answers provided in the book are authentic and error-free, allowing students to be well-prepared.

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