IELTS Vocabulary List | Vocabulary for band 8 in IELTS

IELTS Vocabulary List

IELTS Vocabulary List

IELTS Vocabulary List

IELTS Vocabulary List

verb 1.  to be acquainted with someone or something have
some knowledge of someone or something
(formal.)  Is he acquainted with the details
of the case?  She is acquainted with my father.
2. to inform someone


/kwies/ verb to agree to
something without protesting about it (formal.).
Synonym accept. Antonym resist


with firm opinions.
Synonym obstinate. Antonym


verb to decorate something
with ornaments (formal.)

1. floating on the water
but not being guided by anyone  to cast a
boat adrift to let a boat float without control
2. not connected  It won’t work because the
wire has come adrift from the plug. 3. away
from the correct figure  I think we are about
£250 adrift in our calculations.


noun a small
airport. Synonym airfield


adj describes
things such as forms of art or ways of thinking
that are new, original and not traditional


1. a person who supports
a project with money  One of the company’s
backers has withdrawn. 2. a person
who risks money by saying which horse,
team, etc. will win a particular race or competition
 Several backers lost thousands
when the favourite fell at the last fence


noun  it’s the bane of my life
it’s very annoying  The neighbour’s dog is
the bane of our lives.


noun 1. an agreed deal
 to strike a bargain to agree terms  We
shook hands and the bargain was struck.


adj  besotted with
someone madly in love with someone  I
don’t see what he sees in her, but he’s completely
besotted.  She’s besotted with her
new baby.


adj confused or


verb 1. to wait for a good opportunity
to do something  If I were you I
wouldn’t do anything quickly, I’d bide my
time. 2. (archaic) to stay, or wait


noun a waterfall 
There are plants and trees and even a cascade
in the atrium of the hotel.  verb to fall
in large quantities  Pale pink roses cascading
down the brick wall.


verb to punish, to
criticise someone strongly (formal.). Synonym
criticise. Antonym praise


adj disastrous.
Antonym fortunate


noun a warning, especially
against doing something


noun a very proud action
against an opponent. Synonym insubordination.
Antonym compliance  as an act
of defiance to show that you are defying
someone  He kept his hat on in church as
an act of defiance.  in defiance of someone
or something acting proudly against someone
or something  Their protest march took
place in defiance of a police order.


verb to provide money to
pay someone’s costs


adj quiet and serious


noun the art of
making speeches which persuade and convince


verb to leave your
country to live in another. Compare


/fend/ verb  to fend for yourself to
look after yourself  We went to Spain and
left the children to fend for themselves


noun 1. an object which is
believed by some people to be magic 2. a
strong sexual interest in a certain object or
material  a rubber fetish 3. a very strong interest
in or liking for something


noun a small round
drop, especially of oil or another thick liquid


adj (informal.)  to go
haywire to stop working properly  Everything’s
gone haywire.


adj not able
to speak in a way which makes sense


verb to go back to the origins
of something  to retrace your steps to
go back over the same path again  She
thought she had lost her watch while shopping,
so she retraced her steps from shop to


noun a meeting
organised to discuss a specialised subject.
Synonym conference (NOTE: The plural is


noun a trace of something bad
 We need a new finance director who is totally
free of the taint of corruption.  verb 1.
to damage something  His political reputation
has been permanently tainted by the
scandal. 2. to make something rotten 
tainted food food which has become rotten
by touching other rotten food


noun a person
who cannot stop working (informal.)


noun nothing

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