Fellowships In India

Fellowships In India

Fellowships In India

Fellowships In India

ICCR awards Junior and Senior Research Fellowships to international scholars specializing in Indian studies in the fields of culture and social sciences.

Under this programme, the selected Fellow is affiliated, on the basis of mutual consent, to an academic institution in India.

Senior fellowships are given to eminent scholars with proven academic credentials and an established body of published works while junior fellowships are meant for young research scholars wishing to do post -doctoral research on relevant topics.



  • New Zealand
  • Hungary,
  • Bulgaria
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • South Africa
  • Australia
  • Mongolia
  • Iran
  • Zambia
  • Greece
  • Vietnam
  • Ireland
  • Myanmar
  • Nepal
  • Fiji
  • Uzbekistan
  • Netherlands
  • Iran
  • Mexico
  • Japan
  • Kazakhastan

The terms and conditions of these fellowships are as follows: –

1.A Senior Fellow will be paid a lumpsum stipend of Rs. 150, 000/ – per month
f or the duration of his Fellowship, towards living expenses , accommodation, medical
facilities, local transport , travel within India etc. The Council will not be liable for any
expenditure incurred by the Fellow over and above this monthly stipend.

2. In cas e of a Junior Fellow, the lumpsum stipend will be Rs. 50,000/ – per month
and again the Council will not be liable for any expenditure incurred by the Fellow over
and above this monthly stipend.

3.One economy class excursion return airfare would be provided by the Council to
the Fellow

4.The tenure of the Fellowship would be for a minimum of 3 months and
a maximum of 12 months, starting from the day the Fellow joins the institution to which he has been affiliated.

Fellowships In India

5.A maximum of 5 days time will be prefixed and also suffixed
to the Fellow’s tenure period in India to cover travel /preparation time. Pro-rata payment of stipend will be made f or these 10 days.

6.For any fellowship exceeding three months, the Fellow has the option to spread
the approved duration of the fellowship over two years with the following provisos:-
(i) that the total stay of the Fellow in India under this scheme should not
exceed the approved duration of the fellowship;

(ii)that the minimum stay at any given time should be for three months;

(iii)that travel/preparation time would be allowed only once during the duration of the fellowship;

(iv)that only one economy class excursion return airfare would be provided by the Council during the entire duration of the Fellowship; and

(v)that thefinalschedulef orimplementing the Fellowship should be intimated to ICCR, in consultation with the affiliate institution, within 60 days of first arrival in India.

7.The stipend for the first month will be advanced to the Fellow immediately on his/her arrival in India. Insubsequent months, the amount would be paid by the 7thday
of every month into Fellow’s local bank account. The Fellow would therefore need to open a local bank account at the earliest possible after his/her arrival and intimate the
details to the Council.

8.A report containing feedback and an assessment of the experience as an ICCR
Fellow should be submitted to the Council at the end of the Fellow’s tenure.

9.All output that is based on the work done by the Fellow during his/her tenure
would be used in the public domain only after giving due credit/acknowledgement to the
Council where relevant.

The Council would also be entitled to use the relevant output in the Council’s own publications or activities, after giving due credit/acknowledgement to the Fellow.

10.Since the Fellows would be associated with an institution, they would be required
to interact extensively with the faculty /staff and other colleagues , subject to mutual
agreement on the modalities thereof, which may include being requested to give
lectures, take part in panel discussions, hold workshops etc.

11.The Council would arrange a gratis visa for the Fellow through the concerned Indian Mission/Post.

12. The dates for arrival and departure of the Fellow should be indicated at least two months in advance to the Indian Mission in the respective country to ensure that
suitable travel bookings can be made.

However, if the dates for final departure from India cannot be finalized before arrival, the same may be finalized and intimated to theCouncil within 60 days of the Fellow’s arrival in India.

Fellowships In India

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