Custom Essays Writing Company Recommendations

Custom Essays Writing Company Recommendations

Learn to Write Great Fiction with “Game of Thrones”


We all may be exasperated by George R.R. Martin’s tortuous writing speed, but nobody can deny that with his “A Song of Ice and Fire” and its screen version “Game of Thrones” he greatly influenced modern culture. Which means that anybody writing fiction or taking a creative writing course can potentially take a couple of lessons from him. So what are the most important things we’ve learned from “Game of Thrones” and its creator?

Custom Essays Writing Company Recommendations

Custom Essay Writing Service Recommends to Start Small: with Short Stories and Custom Essays

Some students of writing think along these lines: “I want to learn so that my first novel will become a breakthrough work that will bring me fame”. But when Martin wrote and published his first novel, “A Dying of the Light”, he has been writing short stories for over five years, and it was the experience acquired throughout this period that allowed him to ease into writing bigger texts relatively effortlessly. He believes that the best way for a writer to start out is to write short prose for a while before attempting anything bigger – this will prevent him from spending a lot of time on a work that won’t bring the desired results.

Do Your Research

Although “Game of Thrones” is a fantasy series, it is very far from cheap “sword and sorcery” type that has been prevalent in video adaptations for decades. It is firmly grounded in history, with both Martin and the people responsible for the TV series doing an amount of research worthy of a dissertation on medieval history.

Read a Lot

According to Martin, the best thing an aspiring writer can do to help his career is to buy and read as many books as he physically and financially can. And these books shouldn’t be limited to a single genre – you should constantly expand your horizons and try out new authors and literary trends. Even if you intend to only write fantasy you should read historical fiction, biographies, memoirs, scientific literature and more – you never know where you can find something that will be useful or inspiring.

Edit What You Write

Believe it or not, but Martin’s gargantuan series in its current state is a trimmed-down version of what it could have been. He had to cut a lot to bring it down to a more manageable size, and you should do the same with your writing. If it is hard for you to see the value of this or that part, you may try using the services of a professional editor.

If Nothing Helps, Try a Writing Service

If, however, nothing seems to help you deal with your creative writing assignment and you feel no inspiration, you can always approach an online custom essay writing service –, for example. You can always hire a professional writer or an editor to assist you with your custom essays on even if nothing was able to move the writing process along just a few minutes ago. Writing samples bought from a custom paper writing service on are an excellent way to learn the basic tricks for you to lay at the foundation of your own writing style.


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