Best Universities in the World

Best Universities in the World

Best Universities in the World

Best Universities in the World


1.Harvard University

United States Cambridge, MA

2.Massachusetts Institute of Technology

United States Cambridge, MA

3.University of California–Berkeley

United States Berkeley, CA

4.Stanford University

United States Stanford, CA

5.University of Oxford

United Kingdom Oxford

6.University of Cambridge

United Kingdom Cambridge

7.California Institute of Technology

United States Pasadena, CA

8.University of California–Los Angeles

United States Los Angeles, CA

9.Columbia University

United States New York, NY

10.University of Chicago

United States Chicago, IL

11.University of Washington

United States Seattle, WA

12.Johns Hopkins University

United States Baltimore, MD

13.Princeton University

United States Princeton, NJ

14.University of Pennsylvania

United States Philadelphia, PA

15.Yale University

United States New Haven, CT

16.University of Toronto

Canada Toronto, Ontario

17.University of Michigan–Ann Arbor

United States Ann Arbor, MI

18.Imperial College London

United Kingdom London

19.University of California–San Diego

United States La Jolla, CA

20.Duke University

United States Durham, NC

21.Cornell University

United States Ithaca, NY

22.University College London

United Kingdom London

23.University of California–San Francisco

United States San Francisco, CA

24.University of California–Santa Barbara

United States Santa Barbara, CA

25.Northwestern University

United States Evanston, IL

26.University of Wisconsin–Madison

United States Madison, WI

27.Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

Switzerland Zurich

28.University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill

United States Chapel Hill, NC

29.University of Minnesota–Twin Cities

United States Minneapolis, MN

30.University of Texas–Austin

United States Austin, TX

31.University of Tokyo

Japan Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

32.Boston University

United States Boston, MA

33.University of British Columbia

Canada Vancouver, British Columbia

34.New York University

United States New York, NY

35.Ohio State University–Columbus

United States Columbus, OH

36.Washington University in St. Louis

United States St. Louis, MO

37.Heidelberg University

Germany Heidelberg

38.University of Edinburgh

United Kingdom Edinburgh, Scotland

39.University of California–Davis

United States Davis, CA

40.University of Melbourne

Australia Parkville, Victoria

41.Peking University

China Beijing

42.University of Maryland–College Park

United States College Park, MD

43.University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign

United States Champaign, IL

44.KU Leuven

Belgium Leuven

45.University of Southern California

United States Los Angeles, CA

46.University of Colorado–Boulder

United States Boulder, CO

47.University of Pittsburgh

United States Pittsburgh, PA

48.University of California–Santa Cruz

United States Santa Cruz, CA

49.National University of Singapore


50.Pierre and Marie Curie University – Paris 6

France Paris
Best Universities in the World

51.University of Sydney

Australia Sydney, New South Wales

52.University of Queensland Australia

Australia Brisbane, Queensland

53.McGill University

Canada Montréal, Québec

54.University of Florida

United States Gainesville, FL

55.University of Munich

Germany Munich

56.Pennsylvania State University–University Park

United States University Park, PA

57.University of Manchester

United Kingdom Manchester

58.École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Switzerland Lausanne

59.Tsinghua University

China Beijing

60.Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey–New Brunswick

United States Piscataway Township, NJ

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