The Official SAT Study Guide was launched in March 2016 and the main feature of this guide is the four official tests that have been included in it. The book has the latest information on strategies and information that can be very useful to students.

Students will be happy to know that this information comes from the same team that is responsible for making designing the SAT exams.

Students can greatly benefit from this guide as it increases their experience and also boosts their confidence levels. The practice tests acts as test run, which help the students to understand the basic structure of SAT.

The descriptions of mathematics are exactly in the same fashion, as they come in the tests. There are many sections that have been designed to give the student experience in writing and reading the sections in a limited time period.

The guidance is identical to the SAT pattern. The students get optional essays, suggestions and essay questions that can help them to strengthen their base.

There is a complete and separate chapter on PSAT, which is a good addition to this guide. This section has 180 million scholarships attached to the performance of the student. The official SAT guide is an essential part of the Board’s policy to have as much transparency as possible. Although these practice sets are also available in the website of the College Board, the guide is the only place where the students will find them in a hard copy. This guide has three hundred pages of guidance instructions and test information, which can be used as a ready reference by the students.

This March 2016 version has updated formats, content and information. The practice sets are written in the same pattern as the actual exam. The Mathematics section comes with detailed descriptions; there are targeted questions on a SAT question category type. In short, this is an ideal book for the students to work on their preparation and be absolutely to take the SAT exams.

About the author: A US based non-profit organization, College Board was established as the College Entrance Board more than a century ago in 1899. This American board was created to make it easier for aspiring students to get access to higher education. College Board is headquartered in New York City.


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