Best book for NIFT-NID-IIFT 2018 entrance exam

Best book for NIFT-NID-IIFT 2018 entrance exam

Best book for NIFT-NID-IIFT 2018 entrance exam

Best book for NIFT-NID-IIFT 2018 entrance exam

This book will act as a success package for NIFT/NID/IIFT entrances.

Ultimate guide for NIFT/NID/IIFT entrances has been designed to help young minds who dare to crack the requisite entrance examination.

Guide for NIFT/NID/IIFT 2018

The present book covers the undergraduate as well as postgraduate entrance examination preparation material to help aspirants get into the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), National Institute of Design (NID) and Indian Institute of Fashion Technology (IIFT).

As the book contains ample study and preparation material, it for sure will help aspirants succeed in the upcoming NIFT/NID/IIFT Entrance Examinations 2018.

Other book that is also important is :-

NIFT: Previous Years’ Papers (Solved)

This immensely valuable book of ‘Previous Years’ Solved Papers’ is specially published for the aspirants of National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) admission test. The book will serve well both as practice material and a true test of your studies and preparation with actual exam-questions.

The book comprises numerous questions in several Solved Previous Years’ Papers which will prove extremely useful for you to be well-acquainted with the current exam pattern, the type of questions asked and their appropriate answers. Detailed explanatory answers have also been provided for selected questions for your better understanding, study and self-practice. The book is highly recommended to improve your problem solving skills, speed and accuracy and help you prepare well by practicing through these papers to face the exam with confidence, successfully.

While this exhaustive practice material in the form of previous years’ papers is published with the sole aim of paving the way to your success, your own intelligent practice, in harmony with this, will definitely ensure you a Seat in the ‘Prestigious Course’ leading you to a ‘Magnificent Career in Fashion Technology’.

Best book for NIFT-NID-IIFT 2018 entrance exam


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